Health Management Associates, Inc. provides services to Agencies representing all auspices throughout the United States and has experience with several fiscal intermediaries. HMA's expert advice helps our clients maximize agency resources and successfully turn around problematic situations. HMA’s qualified staff and infrastructure can also provide your agency with cost effective billing outsourcing.

Do any of the following issues apply to your home health agency?

  • Billing staff inexperienced in Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Private Insurance billing & collections
  • High AR Aging days
  • High percentage of billing errors
  • High percentage of Rejections, RTP, and denied claims.
  • Lack of organized processes for preparing, submitting, processing, and posting claims
  • Billing software that does not perform pre-billing edits to ensure successful claims processing
  • Inadequate insurance verification and MSP processes
  • Untimely OASIS data submission to state agency

If your agency is experiencing any of the above issues, HMA can help. HMA billing staff has over 18 years experience in Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance billing.

HMA solutions to your billing/collections concerns include:

  • Use of our software to bill your home health claims with the benefit of an extensive set of pre-billing edits to ensure accurate and timely claims processing
  • HMA will provide on-site training for your staff on use our software and will assist with transition activities
  • HMA billing staff will “work” your claim from pre-bill to cash posting
  • RAP submission daily to ensure you have ongoing cash flow
  • Daily review and correction/resubmission of RTP and Rejected Medicare Claims.
  • Weekly review and correction/resubmission of Medicaid claims denied.
  • Pre-billing audit report done monthly for all payers
  • Final claim submission monthly
  • OASIS submission at least every two weeks
  • OASIS validation report retrieval and email to your agency contact
  • Provide you with access to the billing software where you can access an array of reports such as (but not limited to):
    • PPS Equation (reimbursement information)
    • Admission Statistics
    • Discharge Statistics
    • Document Manager (outstanding orders not back signed from physician)
  • Use of YOUR software for billing and collections if you choose to not use the software HMA provides.

Contact us today at (859)-219-3939 or email to discuss how HMA can serve your agency's billing outsourcing needs.

  • PPS regulatory updates
  • Claim format testing & submission
  • OASIS data submission
  • Identifying key indicators
  • Insurance verification
  • Charge / visit entry
  • Precert / prior authorization
  • Electronic and paper claims submission
  • Claim tracking for collections
  • PPS claim tracking and use of Medicare online system